Headlight Restoration

Overtime your headlights may get oxidized, cloudy, or have a yellow haze. This happens when the outer plastic coating breaks down from sun, salt Air, and weather. This will limit your visibility, and performance of your headlights especially at night. Replacing your Headlights can be run from $75 to $1000.00 per Headlight


Let one of our professional evaluates your headlights. This can be done at the shop or mobile. Our Professional process is to wet sand the layers of cloudiness, and then High Speed Polish your headlights clear again. If your headlights are too far gone we can replace them for much less of a cost then the dealer. This service will improve your vehicles appearance, and most of all you and your families Safety.


Improves your vehicles appearance, and maintain Value. Most of all your families’ safety


See Clear again starts $25.00 per headlight